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WELCOME! to the official web site of Red Rose Cotillion!

The Roger Memorial Was a Great Success!

The members of Red Rose Cotillion and many friends gathered at the fabulous Cooke Tavern Bed & Breakfast in Spring Mills, PA last August 22nd to remember our friend and fellow RRC band member, Roger Schultz. We were joined by members of former State College band DOA, and State College singer/songwriter Jim Williams. We were joined by Schultz family members Rod Schultz and Andrea Jones (Roger's niece). We had a great time jamming and sharing our Roger stories. Life definitely isn't the same without Roger...

Sad News - A Death in the RRC Family

The members of Red Rose Cotillion, our families, and our friends were all deeply saddened by the loss of one of our own. Roger Schultz passed away unexpectedly on May 12th 2009. We offer our heartfelt condolences to Roger's wife, Susan, and daughter, Sierra, as well as to Roger's surviving family members. We apologize for taking too long to post the news on our site but, frankly, we are all deeply hurt by the loss of our good and loyal friend, Roger. Neither David nor I (Jamie) have been able to bring ourselves to write about it - as though maybe the reality will go away if we just ignore it long enough...

In other RRC News... 

In the meantime, everyone in the band is fully engaged in personal musical endeavors. Visit Cool Links for more info! Also be sure to check out the Red Rose Cotillion My Space site, where you can listen to and download songs, view pictures, and network with other RRC fans.

2006 Summer Reunion!
During the 2006 Festival of the Arts, the members of Red Rose Cotillion convened in State College for a series of performances at many of the venues where it all happened all those years ago. Check out some pictures from the gigs, and stay tuned for some cool live recordings!

Music – Free and Not …
Visit our music page for free mp3 download or to buy Red Rose Cotillion CDs – Yup! Comin’ up right quick!

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This web site is dedicated to the memory of
RRC's friend and former soundman Jack Carlson
and to RRC's former bass player, Roger Schultz.

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